From the marymary archives….breathe.

On the road in Newfoundland…Trepassey. I got up early and started wandering with my coffee. Found this spot, and spent the better part of the morning by myself, staring at the water. Breathing.

Trepassey, Newfoundland, August 2011.


On the Lower Coast, Trepassey, Newfoundland, August 2011.

Today’s shot from the marymary archives

Wild fire, near Lytton, B.C. June 17, 2015

Wild fire, near Lytton, B.C. June 17, 2015

Driving through the Fraser Canyon, we could see this fire coming for miles…it was a surreal drive in so many ways, then we came up to the actual fire and could not stop watching – it was so beautiful, and so awful. We were struck by what seemed to be the hopelessness of these tiny dumps of water on a fire that was spreading for miles.