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  • Get a quote, contact Mary at 
  • Price Guidelines here (pdf) for graphite or pencil crayon drawings, and mini watercolours – contact me if you have any questions at all, please! These are GUIDLINES.
  • How long does it take to have a portrait or drawing done? Short answer, 2 days to 2 months…Currently, 1 week for smaller drawings is average; a rush is always possible, but there may be a premium…the time required depends upon the size of the finished work, the degree of detail required, whether I have to photograph the subject, and, of course, how busy I am in the studio. Framing may add some time as well.
  • Mary Spicer – CV  Hire a Mary today! This Mary does all kinds of things, and does a lot of them very well (Marys have art habits to support). I am looking for administrative assistant positions, office support, client service and the like…you get the picture 🙂 and you need me on YOUR team.