welcome to madmotherdesigns  –  I am Mary, and my definition is this:

Weapon of choice: the pencil: Ilove to draw. Drawing makes me happy…I really, REALLY like pencils and drawing people and buildings and pets…portraits all.

I have about 60 cameras:  some of them work:  the camera is only one of the tools i use as part of an efficient and complete package that helps a small business keep print advertising consistent, on budget, and on time. photography (and playing with my cameras) also serves as a form of meditation; it frees the mind and allows it to both wander, and to focus (no pun intended) and to create.

Design for print and web: for individuals and teeny tiny businesses:  graphic design primarily for print advertising, web and office support for small business; don’t do it yourself.

All of the above: collecting drawings, photos, and bits of me: mixed media works, and playing with history…art for art’s sake.

Copy writing and other forms of verbal abuse: content for websites, ad copy, and sometimes I just don’t know when to shut up.